onsdag den 8. december 2010


A little late update on last weeks penne-prøve.
5 students from the danish film school came here with animatics. Our class got divided into groups and we were given to a film school student, also called "our director" because that was their job, our job was to make the director happy.

My group, group 4, got a really nice director person by the name Claudia, really sweet and really good to work with. We started out with spending a whole day drawing the character, a day well spend i must say. At the end of the first day we all drew the character the same way and divided the scenes between us.

Our story was "uglerede", a owl moves into her new apartment after a breakup, and she is very sad about the situation.

These are my scenes.

scene 38, where she wipes away a tear:

uglerede sc 38 from edith bach on Vimeo.

and scene 45 where she kisses a heart shaped photograph before tossing it out the window:

uglerede sc 45 from edith bach on Vimeo.

all in all it was a good week for my group, we really were a team. We communicated well inbetween the animators and the director, and the director knew what she wanted while she still were large enough to take suggestions from us. I'd really like to work with her again actually.

All this was overlooked by our most skilled teacher Fabian Erlinghäuser, who works for Cartoon Saloon. We wish he comes back again sometime.

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