mandag den 20. juni 2011

the end of the year

So it's time for yet another update. This one will contain my pictures from colour class and my first year exam.

At the moment we are having an introduction to Maya, the results from this will be my last update from the school year, so tune in again on Wednesday for Maya by n00b pictures.

For colour class we had Tod Polson as teacher. Cool guy, talented and a good teacher too. Mind you most of our class was really distracted at this time by some pre-exam stress stuff, but he managed to knock some knowledge into our preoccupied heads. Now THAT'S skills.
Secondly, I never liked paint much and for this week we would only use paint... i genuinely suck at it. But I actually feel that I've got some better control over blending the colours. Guess I should keep practising with paint...
oh well I managed to make this throughout the week..

And sooo.
For the exam, we encounter a familiar face, DANNY THE CAT from cats don't dance, yeeey! We had him for our midterm test too, so we know the character, which is a plus, the minus is we're a bit tired of him, but what the f.. for old times sake then :D
He should stumble into the frame in a hurry, out of breath, catch his breath, answer the phone, realise the caller hung up and then look at the phone angrily.