mandag den 25. oktober 2010

Fallen angel.

Vacation have been busy, unfortunately not much animation have been made this week. I went to "middelaldercenteret" on Falster, a center that gives the visitors a tour in the everyday life in the year 1400. GREAT place to sketch, even though i was fast to take in the stories of dead horses with three legs, ghosts, little men in hills that hate iron and werewolves. I liked this sketch very much, and ended up finishing it and correct some stuff in photoshop.

lørdag den 16. oktober 2010

sad little john

sad little john from edith bach on Vimeo.

the "sad little john" i did as a straight-ahead. The fruit of a week with an artblock.
I was very sad to be useless a mere week before the vacation, especially with the rest of the class so productive and two great teachers, Mike Nguyen and Frederik.

I feel that i was very lucky with this.