fredag den 15. april 2011

Ring My Bell the movie

the premiere of the animation jam is over, i wished you were there, it was awesome.

I present to you, the result of group 3's two weeks at the animation Jam

Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell from edith bach on Vimeo.

Happy easter

here my awesome team mates

onsdag den 13. april 2011

Massive Update

I am sorry that I am so bad at updating. I now have several people poking my side to remember to update.

So. To catch up, we have been doing some layouts. This was a very nice week as we were doing the layouts for a deleted scene from the emperors new groove, which is frankly a terribly funny and nice movie.
And we had a very nice teacher too, a Marec Fritzinger, who opened our eyes to the wonders of layouting. (I don't think that is a actual word but i'll let the stay anyways.)

 Right so. The first layout i did was the jungle, that went pretty well and i rather like this drawing.
 The value drawring is pretty neat too. Lets see if i can't find it.

woop there we go. Sweet huh!?

Well as neat as i think that is, just as horrible is this. I failed and totally forgot that it had to match the style. My bad. Sorry group.

BEFORE the week of layouts, we were doing dialogue animation with Mike Polvani. Super sweet guy, who basicly taught us that dialogue if funny sh*t. Those are my words ofcause, and im sorry for the language.
Yes. So in the two weeks of dialogue animation i got to do this.

Dialogue from edith bach on Vimeo.

And again, this was a couple of weeks I really enjoyed. Thanks Mike :) ... uh yeah, and school, thank you school.

Even before the two weeks of dialogue animation, we're sort of going backwards in time here, we had the week of NON-DIALOGUE, with some guys we already knew. Melis Arulepp and Laura B. Schødt. Wonderful people the school gets us as teachers :)

Basically, what they made us do was: pick a character, Bernard from the rescuers, Alice from Alice in wonderland or Robert from 101 Dalmatians (I went with Bernard, always liked those movies. And he was the only animal.) Then put him on a blind date and make him wait!
Cruel. I mean, they already ruined his would be marriage to the fair Bianca so he can go on a date and then he have to wait. I'd like to think the date never even shows up, that would just end the circle. Perfect.

And so that what i did. See?

Non dialogue from edith bach on Vimeo.

And i dont think i've shown this either. Danny the cat jumping over a hole in the sidewalk. This is our Midway test :)

Midway test from edith bach on Vimeo.