mandag den 14. marts 2011

timely update

About time there was an update.

First i'll show of this sweet little thing, we were going to a concert with the national, but they were having dinner at the same restaurant as us. That called for some doodle time, and my brother got them to sign them.

These last couple of weeks we have been designing our charactors for the escape project, more of that project to come. The designing of the charactor is us animators job in this project so we got to it.
First we played around with some happy accidents. Collage helped me a lot, and i turned a perfectly fine (and defenceless) violin into this poor lizard thing. He will spend the rest of his life being scared out of his mind.

Next step was making a Maquette. I want more of that, clay is fun!
Played with some volume, thought this was awesome and better..

..but it wasn't so i returned to the proportions of the collage, and made the construction sheet from that.

Had to do some test animations after here, and shot some reference. I should ask people to play a scared lizard some more.

Enter the makings of a turn-a-round (visual below) some a pose-sheets and a lot of notes.

And finally an example of the style the poor thing will be made in.