fredag den 16. december 2011

Trailer project

The CGA's finished the projects! and they are amazing.
I helped animating on this one. Especially the four legged spider man. quadrupeds are fun :D

mandag den 3. oktober 2011

Hello again!

gosh, why can't I change the email for this blog?

Anyways, we're back in school, have been for some weeks, and we're learning Maya. It's time for this blog to get back on track.

I have here a small video of some of our assignments, featuring pixar's Luxo Lamp, the floursack and Hogan! Enjoy!

mandag den 20. juni 2011

the end of the year

So it's time for yet another update. This one will contain my pictures from colour class and my first year exam.

At the moment we are having an introduction to Maya, the results from this will be my last update from the school year, so tune in again on Wednesday for Maya by n00b pictures.

For colour class we had Tod Polson as teacher. Cool guy, talented and a good teacher too. Mind you most of our class was really distracted at this time by some pre-exam stress stuff, but he managed to knock some knowledge into our preoccupied heads. Now THAT'S skills.
Secondly, I never liked paint much and for this week we would only use paint... i genuinely suck at it. But I actually feel that I've got some better control over blending the colours. Guess I should keep practising with paint...
oh well I managed to make this throughout the week..

And sooo.
For the exam, we encounter a familiar face, DANNY THE CAT from cats don't dance, yeeey! We had him for our midterm test too, so we know the character, which is a plus, the minus is we're a bit tired of him, but what the f.. for old times sake then :D
He should stumble into the frame in a hurry, out of breath, catch his breath, answer the phone, realise the caller hung up and then look at the phone angrily.

tirsdag den 17. maj 2011

Escape project - the end

With Darko Belevski as supervisor we ended the Escape Project. It's been running for almost half a year and in the end we get 5 days to animate 5 seconds, doing clean up and color, while the CG Artists were making our backgrounds and editing it all together in the weekend. But we did it with a lot and coffee and some long nights of fun. And more coffee.
Did i mention the coffee?

Remember the character design we were doing with julia that I posted in an earlier post? Well now he moves!

I wish we had ten seconds though. I hope they correct that next year.
Anyways it was lots of fun to do this project and Thanks to my CGA pal Niels Peter :) we did awesome.

Dance Animation with Darko Belevski

And so we embarked on an epic journey into the land of dance animation. I play Dragon Age a lot, so of cause I would take this opportunity to animate a dancing Fenris. (If you have played Dragon Age 2 and payed attention to the party banter you will probably recognize this joke)

My only regret is that it is so short. the rest is okay I think. Lots of stuff to correct but you can always improve something. For now this rules all right. But ask me again in a 2 weeks time.

fredag den 15. april 2011

Ring My Bell the movie

the premiere of the animation jam is over, i wished you were there, it was awesome.

I present to you, the result of group 3's two weeks at the animation Jam

Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell from edith bach on Vimeo.

Happy easter

here my awesome team mates

onsdag den 13. april 2011

Massive Update

I am sorry that I am so bad at updating. I now have several people poking my side to remember to update.

So. To catch up, we have been doing some layouts. This was a very nice week as we were doing the layouts for a deleted scene from the emperors new groove, which is frankly a terribly funny and nice movie.
And we had a very nice teacher too, a Marec Fritzinger, who opened our eyes to the wonders of layouting. (I don't think that is a actual word but i'll let the stay anyways.)

 Right so. The first layout i did was the jungle, that went pretty well and i rather like this drawing.
 The value drawring is pretty neat too. Lets see if i can't find it.

woop there we go. Sweet huh!?

Well as neat as i think that is, just as horrible is this. I failed and totally forgot that it had to match the style. My bad. Sorry group.

BEFORE the week of layouts, we were doing dialogue animation with Mike Polvani. Super sweet guy, who basicly taught us that dialogue if funny sh*t. Those are my words ofcause, and im sorry for the language.
Yes. So in the two weeks of dialogue animation i got to do this.

Dialogue from edith bach on Vimeo.

And again, this was a couple of weeks I really enjoyed. Thanks Mike :) ... uh yeah, and school, thank you school.

Even before the two weeks of dialogue animation, we're sort of going backwards in time here, we had the week of NON-DIALOGUE, with some guys we already knew. Melis Arulepp and Laura B. Schødt. Wonderful people the school gets us as teachers :)

Basically, what they made us do was: pick a character, Bernard from the rescuers, Alice from Alice in wonderland or Robert from 101 Dalmatians (I went with Bernard, always liked those movies. And he was the only animal.) Then put him on a blind date and make him wait!
Cruel. I mean, they already ruined his would be marriage to the fair Bianca so he can go on a date and then he have to wait. I'd like to think the date never even shows up, that would just end the circle. Perfect.

And so that what i did. See?

Non dialogue from edith bach on Vimeo.

And i dont think i've shown this either. Danny the cat jumping over a hole in the sidewalk. This is our Midway test :)

Midway test from edith bach on Vimeo.

mandag den 14. marts 2011

timely update

About time there was an update.

First i'll show of this sweet little thing, we were going to a concert with the national, but they were having dinner at the same restaurant as us. That called for some doodle time, and my brother got them to sign them.

These last couple of weeks we have been designing our charactors for the escape project, more of that project to come. The designing of the charactor is us animators job in this project so we got to it.
First we played around with some happy accidents. Collage helped me a lot, and i turned a perfectly fine (and defenceless) violin into this poor lizard thing. He will spend the rest of his life being scared out of his mind.

Next step was making a Maquette. I want more of that, clay is fun!
Played with some volume, thought this was awesome and better..

..but it wasn't so i returned to the proportions of the collage, and made the construction sheet from that.

Had to do some test animations after here, and shot some reference. I should ask people to play a scared lizard some more.

Enter the makings of a turn-a-round (visual below) some a pose-sheets and a lot of notes.

And finally an example of the style the poor thing will be made in.

mandag den 17. januar 2011

Design class

So designclass with Lawrence part two. This was hard. I have little to no skills in this class.
So here are two of the assignments.

 This first one i really liked. We were playing with values. And yes, thats a duck.

This last one is not good... yet. I need to learn how to render.
And the detials almost killed me just by making the line.

I will beat you, rendering! I shall be the winner!
... some other day.

trust me I am gonna finish this sooner or later!