mandag den 1. november 2010

Inbetweening Ashling

Ashling Inbetweening from edith bach on Vimeo.

Inbetweening week one.
We were given the extremes and breakdowns for this wonderful scene from the movie "Secrets of Kells", which you really should see if you haven't. It's an experience for the senses .. well for me anyways.
Back on track, the assignment was to inbetween this scene, and it fast became really clear that this was a hard one, so i prioritized making at least one inbetween between each keyframe, but making them right.

I've spend soooo much time on each drawing, I'm usually faster. Guess it's because I had to think a lot, which I'm not too familiar with while drawing. I got really into this. I really enjoyed it because it was almost hypnotizing, but at the same time it was really draining. And there's still a lot of mistakes, but certainly less than there would be than if I went for finishing instead of getting it right. I'm pretty satisfied with how this went. I got to try some new things <3

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